Contec Healthcare Essential HD Spill Toolkit

Hazardous drug spill management for up to 1000mL

The Contec Healthcare Essential HD Spill Toolkit was created to facilitate best practices for both employee safety and convenience. The contents of the kit focus on providing essential products, process and documentation that promote spill management in compliance with USP<800>, ONS and ASHP standards, as well as the guidance from NIOSH and the Canadian NAPRA practice standards.

Each Kit Contains:

(5) Activated charcoal spill pads (12" x 12", 30.5x30.5cm)

(1) Pair chemical splash goggles

(1) Chemo Bio-Wipe bag for macro waste

(1) CritiGear Chemo Gown (L/XL)

(1) Yellow bag for trace waste (14 gal, 53L)

(2) Pair of plastic, seamless shoe covers (XL)

(2) Pairs of heavy 9 mil utility gloves (2 sizes) (Sm and Lg)

(1) Spill management guidance card (English/ French)

(1) Disposable scoop and tray

(1) HD spill caution sign

(1) N95 disposable respirator

(1) Rigid container for glass disposal

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Features & Benefits

  • Activated charcoal spill pads begin chemical deactivation of spills, absorbs, and renders liquid drug unrecoverable, enhancing the safety of workers absorbing up to 1000mL per pad
  • Integrated Chemo Bio-Wipe bag safely contains macro spill components for later disposal in RCRA* container
  • Plastic scoop and rigid container conveniently facilitate powder spill cleanup and containment
  • Materials are limited to generic, essential items for a smaller size and soft packaging to reduce waste and enables storage in automated dispensing cabinets (ADCs)
  • “Guide to HD Spill Management and Documentation” (the “Guide”) vetted by industry experts provides economy of scale access for smaller organizations that may not have onsite expert resources
  • *Resource Conservation and Recovery Act
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Contec Healthcare Essential HD Spill Toolkit for HD Spills up to 1000mL
Part No.
Contec Healthcare Essential HD Spill Toolkit for HD Spills up to 1000mL.
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