Contec Healthcare Featured on WSPA News Channel 7 for Disinfection Segment

May 4, 2020

Amidst ongoing concerns of the novel COVID-19 pandemic, Contec Healthcare shares critical insights and helps educate viewers on disinfectant best practices. Contec Healthcare was featured on WSPA News Channel 7 for a news segment on how to safely and effectively use disinfectants and sanitizers on commonly used areas and surfaces. The Spartanburg SC-based manufacturer of critical cleaning products made it clear just how surprised one might be to learn they might not be using their disinfectant to its full capacity.

Importance of Reading Disinfectant Labels: Insights from Contec Healthcare’s Microbiologist

This news segment is/was led by Contec’s lead microbiologist, Mark Wiencek, PhD. The segment built on a foundation set by corresponding video and article posted last week by Contec as part of the company’s response to an increased need for personal protection and disinfectant education.  

Contec Healthcare Featured on WSPA News Channel 7 for Disinfectant Best Practices Amidst COVID-19

In this news segment, Dr. Wiencek discussed why and how you should be reading the small print on household labels for disinfectants or sanitizers. Dr. Wiencek explained that these chemical products have a prescribed dwell or wet time, noting that “Even for the ones that are used at home, it’s important to know what these labels tell us so as to make sure we’re using them correctly.” There are many common misconceptions about these sensitive chemicals. Contec leveraged the live broadcast as a forum to ask consumers whether or not they are presently using household cleaning products properly. 

In keeping with their current educational campaign, Contec Healthcare stressed their dedication to giving an extra 0.00001 % effort in everything they do, In the high stakes environment of pharmaceutical compounding, 0.00001 % incremental effectiveness can make all the difference.

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