Contec Healthcare Introduces CritiGear Chemo Gowns for USP <800> Compliance

February 13, 2017

Contec® CritiGear Chemo Gowns with BloxTech Fabric are designed to provide protection against exposure to a wide range of hazardous drug compounds. The USP <800> compliant protective BloxTech fabric technology is low-linting and tested per ASTM D6978-05 standards. The disposable gown’s generous sleeve length, knit cuffs, and thumb loops allow for wearer comfort and eliminate movement of sleeves when performing compounding activities.

The gown’s wrap around and tie design features hook and latch closures on the back and taped seams to provide total coverage against permeation. Easily remove the gown by simply pulling down and away from the body with one hand. Available in combination sizing for ease of donning over other cleanroom apparel. To learn more, visit the product page.